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Take Cover: Mill's End Covers Whiskeytown

Before Ryan Adams was winning (and breaking) hearts with albums like Heartbreaker and last year's strong Ashes & Fire, he was a member of the seminal alt-country act Whiskeytown. Whiskeytown had a good six-year run and helped define the genre's sound and influenced a number of bands.

"A lot of the influence we have is . . . there's a Southern rock, classic rock feel to what we write, and that seems to fit in pretty well," says Jeff Bump, singer/guitarist of Mill's End. "I can think of some songs that we're doing right now that he [Ryan Adams] definitely had a big influence on."

Adams' alt-country vibe and Mill's End's rock 'n' roll roots will show on the band's upcoming album, which is due this summer. We met up with Mill's End last week while they were working on some guitar tracks at Uranus Studios in Tempe. The band took a break from recording to share their cover of "16 Days" with us. Mill's End is scheduled to perform at Long Wong's at the Firehouse on Wednesday, May 30.

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