Glass Popcorn: Is This High School Rapper "Destroying Hip-Hop?"

In this week's issue of Phoenix New Times, we profiled 10 new(ish) bands we expect to dominate Phoenix iPods and boomboxes this long, hot summer. We'll be focusing more deeply on those artists over the next couple of days on Up on the Sun.

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Correction: We mistakenly reported that Clams Casino "approved" of Glass Popcorn, when in fact the track "Glass Like Me" is simply a remixed version of "She's Hot," which appeared on a free mixtape from Clams Casino. We regret implying that Casino has approved or endorsed Glass Popcorn, and Neibergall has not stated so in our interviews.

Will Neibergall, a junior at McClintock High in Tempe, talks a lot about brand alignment. Onstage, when he repeatedly chants over club synths, "I go hard in my Ed Hardy," it starts to sound less like a simple diss on the bro-clad and more like a meditation on Madison Avenue masculinity.