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Tranzylvania Goth Night is Getting Booted From Palazzo, Possibly Headed to Sanctum

Longtime goth/industrial night Tranzylvania will banished from xotic-looking downtown danceteria Palazzo as of next month.

The aptly named Rob Poe, the night's resident DJ who spins under the nom de guerre noiz.fkr, sent out an e-mail yesterday announcing Tranzylvania's impending departure.

"I've just been informed that Tranzylvania will be closing on Friday, September 17th. I've been doing this night for 6+ years now, so its sad to see it go," Poe wrote.

Sources at the club say that Tranz is getting a stake through the heart to a diminishing numbers of people coming through the door lately (including one cat who told me there's been less than 50 people as of late).

It's certainly a far cry from the hundred of corset-clad vampish vixens, pseudo succubi, and other fetish freaks who used to crowd Club Palazzo and dance to goth, industrial, and EBM tracks when the night first opened back in 2004. Unlike most other goth/industrial nights in the Valley, Tranzylvania maintained its popularity for more than half a decade.

And just like the undead, the night will continue to live on, albeit at a new location. Poe stated in his e-mail that he's "pretty close to securing a new Friday week spot" for the night by the time its last hurrah happens at Palazzo. Rumor has it that it's gonna be Sanctum, the church-like CenPho dance den that's gorgeously gothic in its own right.

At present, however, DJ Jared Alan's fashionable fauxShow currently takes place at Sanctum every Friday night. So unless said rumors prove to be untrue, fauxShow is either heading to a new venue or there's gonna be a hipster vs. vampire rumble every weekend.