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decker.'s Van Flips on Tour, Injures Band Member Kelly Cole

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Call it a rough weekend: While on tour in California, Sedona-based folk band decker.'s van flipped over on Friday night, injuring one of the band members. On the road from Santa Cruz to their Los Angeles show, a tire blew out, causing the van and U-Haul trailer to overturn.

"It sent us down the freeway like a missile," Brandon Decker, the band's frontman says. "The van jackknifed, rolled four or five times, and Kelly [Cole] was ejected."

Cole, a vocalist/percussionist, was airlifted to a hospital in Fresno. She is able to move all her limbs, is fully responsive, and is now in stable condition. Everyone else in the van escaped with little to no injuries.

"We have staggering financial problems impending," Decker says. "But we're not focusing on that. We're just grateful at the miracle that all five of us are going to be significantly better than it could have been."

The band says what they need most right now is love and prayers.

"I really believe the outpouring of love has helped," Decker says. "We're just stoked to be alive."

Donations can be made through Decker's PayPal account [email protected] or through the band's Kickstarter page, which will also help them produce their fourth album. Sympathy from the community has come from other musicians, including Field Tripp, who will host a benefit show Tuesday, August 22, at Long Wong's in Tempe.

Decker also added that though their tour turned out to be only one show, their upcoming shows are up in the air. The band hopes to perform again by year's end.

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