Up on the Sun the Podcast, Featuring Amen Dunes and Our Levon Helm Tribute

Sorry about that! Up on the Sun: The Podcast took an unexpected break over the past two weeks to deal with some family matters and take a sweaty trip out to Coachella. (Best show I saw? Wild freaking Flag.) But we're back in full force, bringing you UOTS: The Podcast episode five, featuring Damon McMahon, best know for his haunting, spectral Amen Dunes records.

He'll be in town on Tuesday, May 1, at Chasers in Scottsdale, and in advance of his show we spoke about the pop elements of his freaky psych, and the chanting quality of his lyrics. Stand by for our full interview with him on Monday.

Also, we pay tribute to Mr. Levon Helm, legendary drummer, songwriter, and vocalist. He passed away on April 19, and rather than mourn the loss, I thought I'd spin a few of his more joyful tracks (okay, I couldn't help but spin one sad one).


What You're Hearing: Lee Scratch Perry, "Black Belt, " Levon Helm, "When I Go Away," Bobby Charles, "Street People," The Band, "Up on the Cripple Creek," Amen Dunes, "1985," "Lezzy Head," "Sunday," "Baba Yaga," Chico Mann, "Métele Mano," The Band, "I Shall Be Released"

Where to Hear It:

Amen Dunes is scheduled to perform Tuesday, May 1, at Chasers in Scottsdale.

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