Podcast: Kinch

By Jonathan McNamara

I was running late. I grabbed my camera gear and sped off toward Yucca Tap Room to cover the Kirkwood Dellinger CD release party. By the time I walked in tiny venue was already packed to capacity and I had to fight my way through PBR-guzzling crowd to get a good vantage point near the stage.

It was right about then I detected a sound that seemed out of place amidst a largely experiemental rock band show. It was a piano. It was a piano pumping out a rock 'n' roll foundation upon which the musicians on stage were adding classic rock guitar lines and bar rock vocals.

Everyone was asking themselves the same question: Who are these guys?

On stage were Andrew Junker, Brian Coughlin and Jake Malone who formed the band Kinch in 1999 while attending Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix. The three members left town to attend separate colleges, but managed to create an EP Postal Service style and gig around L.A. between semesters.

After college, the band moved back to Phoenix to pursue Kinch full time. The fruits of their labor, an album called Advances, is available via a free-of-charge download from their Web site.

Where have you heard of Kinch? The band has played live on The Blaze and The Edge. They also played with the likes of Jimmy Eat World and The Bravery at last year's Edge Fest.

Kinch drummer Jake Malone points out that listeners are likely to notice that Kinch operates in two distinct styles: piano-infused rock balanced by a few straight rock guitar tracks.

As such, Up on the Sun is pleased to present you with an example of each.

Take a listen to "Fare Forward" for a taste of Kinch's piano-laced goodness.

See the other side of Kinch's sound with "All I Done."

For upcoming tour dates and more information see Kinch on Myspace.

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