Revolver Records Relocating to Roosevelt Row

The Melrose District's loss is Evans Churchill's gain.

In case you hadn't heard, CenPho vinyl emporium Revolver Records will be moving later this month from its current home on Seventh Avenue into much-roomier digs at 918 North Second Street, which is just off Roosevelt Row across from Carly's Bistro. According to co-owners Steve Zimmerman and T.J. Jordan, the new location opens on July 2 and offers 1,700 square feet of space for them to hawk their huge cache of vintage platters, which should be come as good news to anyone who's tried navigating through Revolver's cramped aisles.

"It's always been pretty packed in here," says Zimmerman. "Our new place gives us more space and more ability to carry on live music shows and other events."

The new-and-improved Revolver won't be the only place in First Friday country where DJs and audiophiles can thumb through crates for rare finds. As our resident "Chow Bella" Michele Laudig reported earlier this afternoon, Fathers Day drummer Emily Spetrino-Murtagh and her husband Liam will open a combination candy shop/record store later in the summer called Sweets & Beats over on Grand Avenue next door to the Bikini Lounge.

¡Viva vinyl!