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Rubber Brother's Round Robin Concert Format Offers Onslaught of Local Music

This Saturday Rubber Brother Records is putting on a different type of show -- a Round Robin.

Rather than have a typical show where each band plays for 25 minutes, followed by the rest, a Round Robin puts five bands in the same room all set up at the same time. What makes this show unique is that there is no opening or closing act. Each artist performs two songs and then moves on to the next band.

Robbie Pfeffer of Rubber Brother Records says this type of performance gives provides a new experience for artists and fans.

"I think it's really fun for the bands and the people at the show. I get bored very easily, but switching to a new band every few minutes makes it so you're constantly experiencing something new," Pfeffer says. "It's also a great chance for people who only come to a show to see one band to experience a bunch of different bands without having to hang around for hours and hours."

The bands playing at Parliament this Saturday are an assortment of rock and pop artists. Wolvves has a simple and catchy psychedelic rock 'n' roll style, where The Thin Bloods has a grungier pop-rock sound. The rest of the bands include Playboy Manbaby, Treasure MammaL, and Boss Frog.

Every show has people that leave after they've seen who they want, or show up for the last band, eliminating additional support for previous bands. The Round Robin setup essentially sees each artist as equals and prevents set times based around fliers or ticket sales.

Although Pfeffer thinks this type of show is plenty of fun, he wants to be able to offer a variety of show formats.

"I think the Round Robin format is really fun, I think it's a great experience and a nice chance of pace from a traditional show, but I would never want to exclusively do any type of show," Pfeffer says. "I really wish we could make every show a completely different experience."

The show starts at 8 p.m. at Parliament in Tempe. More event info can be found here.

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