Podcast & Local Label Spotlight: onewordlong

By Steve Jansen

Cover art for What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Have you ever wished you had recorded that epic drunken conversation from the night before? Well, that's just one goal of local label onewordlong's What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

Listening to this album, which was only available by download until recently, is like losing yourself in one of those cerebral radio shows on NPR, UbuWeb, or Transom. The focus of What I Did On My Summer Vacation is to document "found sound" through interviews and recorded oddities. The record pulls it off beautifully with audio musings from local personalities such as Jacki O, Pete Petrisko, Archbishop Jason Polland, and Jacob Smigel as well as a haunting track by Lost Media Archive founder B.C. Sterrett.

JRC, who also co-runs the Trunk Space and fronts the Pillowfort performance art project, is the brainchild behind onewordlong, a Best Of Phoenix winner in 2007 whose first release was Hi My Name Is Ryan - Live From The MTC (Remixed).

To listen to a track from What I Did On My Summer Vacation featuring local drunk Kevin Patterson talking his usual nonsense at Grand Avenue's Bikini Lounge, click on the button below. And be sure to pick up a copy of the physical CD featuring the artwork of Camilla Taylor, who sewed a CD jacket using vintage-looking red and white fabric.