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Hemoptysis' New Record, Misanthropic Slaughter, Now on Pre-Order, Getting Rave Reviews from Metal Blogs

Phoenix metal band Hemoptysis is getting a lot of love for their soon-to-be-released album Misanthropic Slaughter.

The band, which Phoenix New Times sponsored at South by Southwest and featured in print last March, put the album up for pre-order yesterday on their web site.

is technically the band's debut -- Who Needs A Shepherd? was technically an EP though was long and brutal enough to feel like an album.

You can stream a couple songs here or read a selection of reviews -- most of them raves -- from metal sites below. Those reviews are of course written in some of the most awesome prose ever -- no one writes reviews like metal geeks -- which makes them a fun read whether you'll listen to the record or not. But you should because, as we've been saying for a long time, this band is really, really good at what they do.

Now all we need is for Marshall "Fucking" Beck to weigh in, as he does with most things of note in the local metal scene.

"I was fortunate enough to have been able to listen to the entire album and I just can't get enough of it! Each time I put on my headphones, something else jumps out and kicks me in the teeth. I've never been a CD reviewer, so I could never do it justice. I'll just say it's heavy, yet melodic -- blistering, yet, dynamic -- evil, yet fun as hell, and it's gonna kick your fucking ass! Most often billed as a Thrash / Death Metal band, Hemoptysis are so much more. Building off that thrash/death core, the band flawlessly incorporates strong European elements of Black Metal, Melodic Death, and (in my ears) even good old fashioned Priest meets Maiden Heavy/Power Metal! This new CD will surely show the world just how diverse and talented they really are." -Metal Crotch

"'Misanthropic Slaughter' starts off with the title song 'Misanthropic Slaughter' and while listening to that song, I realized that I'm not listening to some garage band who just recorded their music on a tape recorder. No, this is some of the best Oldschool Thrash Metal I've heard in a long time. If you like Oldschool Thrash with lots of hints to early Death Metal, you'll love this band. If you like it heavy, you'll enjoy the title song and the epic 'Impending Doom'. If you prefer it more melodic, you'll like 'M.O.D.' or 'Shadow of Death,' for which Hemoptysis shot a video." -Dose Of Metal

"HEMOPTYSIS - Real Thrash Metal will never say die or succumb to the mainstream. Metal, albeit Death or Black, grows stronger each day, one band and fan at a time. Old School Thrash Metal combined with a fresh and real sound of Extreme Metal, encompassing both Death and Black Metal influences is being played now by a young generation of talented Metal musicians. Thank the Metal Gods they are out there. One such real and talented Metal band that fits this Metal mold and has risen from the pack is Phoenix Arizona's very own HEMOPTYSIS... and their brand of Thrash Metal is to be heard and reckoned with. This isn't carbon copy Thrash Metal that HEMOPTYSIS is unleashing on their debut full-length album Misanthropic Slaughter, (which is being self-released on March 8, 2011). Instead, this is about a Thrashing Extreme Metal torch being being lit by this band... and HEMOPTYSIS knows how to keep it's F'n sacred Thrash Metal fire burning. The first time Misanthropic Slaughter entered my ears, a realization flooded through my Metal mind and veins that HEMOPTYSIS is a band that cannot be stopped nor contained... not when the Thrash I'm hearing is this staggering. How on Earth can HEMOPTYSIS be an unsigned band?" -Metal Odyssey

"Having expressed high hopes early on for the future of HEMOPTYSIS, it is now sufficient to say that the Arizona Thrash wielders have truly come into their own both stylistically and technically; gleaming potentials have been realized, and having reached this new pinnacle of performance, an entirely new valley of potential and possibility lays before them. And as long as they can weave steel and string it tight, Masaki and HEMOPTYSIS will ever remain thriving merchants in a prosperous trade of Death." -Metal Eater