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Beck's Song Reader To Get Local Treatment by Black Carl, Jim Adkins, Spirit Cave, and More

In case you've got the memory of Mr. Magoo, Beck's latest musical release wasn't an album. Instead, it was just a book of sheet music. Called Song Reader, the book includes over 100 pages of original artwork and 20 songs that Beck wants you to bring to life. Already dozens, perhaps hundreds, of folks have begun covering the tunes, and now several Phoenix-based bands are joining the fray: Black Carl, Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, Adele Stein with Wooden Indian, Tobie Milford, Emby Alexander with Phoenix Chamber Brass, Spirit Cave, and Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold are all scheduled to interpret his Song Reader music at Crescent Ballroom.

The whole shindig will get grooving on Wednesday, April 10. Given the success of the "Cover the Crescent" show in mid-December (in which Jim Adkins and friends covered J. Church while Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold did beautiful translations of Nirvana*) this will be an interesting night, to say the least.

But why stop there? Why don't they just give all the proceeds from this gig to charity? Okay, cool.

So now the bands are generously forwarding their cash to Rosie's House, a music academy for kids. This is a free school that aims to be "committed to playing a pivotal role in a child's future and strengthening our community." Sounds like something I can get behind. Hey, and tickets are only 10 bucks.

*Not to mention Andrew Jackson Jihad frontman Sean Bonnette's solo acoustic renditions of The Silver Jews, but he isn't on this bill. Man, that night was something else, though. See also:

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