Summer Ends Music Festival

Summer Ends Music Festival: The Local Acts

Taken a look at a concert calendar recently? Like migrating birds, major music acts are flocking to the Valley as the weather shifts from outdoor sauna to merely hot. What better way to celebrate turning your air conditioner off than heading out to the biggest three-day music festival to happen since the daily high temps were in the 70s? Summer Ends Music Festival, taking place September 26 through 28 at Tempe Beach Park, is brought to you by Lucky Man Concerts, and the lineup includes both national draws and local stalwarts. And in an act of kindness, Lucky Man has scheduled the shows so that the locals and nationals stagger -- only one band will play at a time, meaning that the entire crowd will be funnelled from one act to another, meaning that no one has to choose between seeing a band that only comes once a year over a band that plays every other weekend.