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Album Leaf Concert at Arcosanti Canceled Due to Weather

Well, don't we feel silly?

We published an interview with The Album Leaf's Jimmy LaVelle titled "Why You'll Have to Visit Arcosanti to Hear The Album Leaf." The headline was in reference to a quote LaValle gave in response to a question about playing in Phoenix, and he implied that he wouldn't play Phoenix until his next tour.

How quickly things changed.

Stateside Presents just announced that the Crescent Road Trip to Arcosanti has been cancelled due to weather forecasts showing a 100 percent chance of rain.

Talk about a downer. But the good news is that Stateside has moved the entire concert to Last Exit Live. The Jacob Whitesides show scheduled for Last Exit Live that day will shift over to the Pressroom.

Refunds for the Arcosanti show can be obtained at point of purchase. Stateside is planning another trip to Arcosanti on November 8, which will feature Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, iCaray!, Sean Watson, visuals by Castleberry, and other acts to be announced later.

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