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Lady Gaga's Little Monsters Speak Out after Sold-Out US Airways Center Concert

Lady Gaga may have recycled some material from her previous club tour at her sold-out arena show at US Airways Center Saturday night. She used some of the same imagery and even in-between-song banter as she did at her previous smaller shows. And the sound quality may have been horrible, but for most fans in Arizona, her Valley stop was the first time they'd seen Lady G in concert, and for most, it was an experience not to be missed.

That meant peeps everywhere in the audience dressed like the eccentric star, or just pulled anything out of their closets that you normally wouldn't wear.

Besides giving her little monsters 2 hours of music, Gaga also spoke out against immigration law SB 1070 and stood up for gay rights, mixing in her personal views with the tunes. And the fans seemed to agree with what she said, cheering insanely amidst breaking it down at one of the biggest dance parties of the summer. Here is a sampling of what attendees thought of the concert, all in 140 characters or less. (And read our review here.)

@Alligator_A- Thee Lady GaGa concert last night was A M A Z I N G <3 I loveed it

@ckirin- It was a fabulous!

- The Lady Gaga concert was the shittttt! <3


@Alexii41094- Wow Now leaving the Lady Gaga Concert!! N OMG I FUCKIN LOVE YOU U LADY GAGA!!!

@LieutenantXavey- LADY GAGA CONCERT! SOOO FUCKING AMAZINNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Lady Gaga was amazing!Please put "Go to a Lady Gaga concert" on your list of things to do before you die!

- Dear boyfriend: Nothing you could ever possibly be doing will be nearly as important as a lady gaga concert

@sammillah- Lady gaga concert = big mistake. Note to self, don't ever be a straight guy and go to a lady gaga concert. All the dancers are grabbing themselves

@YaraYVargas- Lady Gaga concert last night was mind blowingly AWESOME!! What a voice!!! What an amazing artist! Love her, can't wait 2 see her again!

@rholstud- Wow the Lady Gaga concert was awesome last night!!!

@TarinMichelle- Last nights Lady Gaga concert was way awesome.

@marieee19- Wow today was one day I will not forget. Went to the Lady Gaga concert in Phoenix. Beyond breath taking and amazing.

@KaylaFuxkinBee- Had the most amazing time at the concert! Lady Gaga is truly my inspiration! Bless her soul! She is MY queen<3333 .

- Lady Gaga concert was FABULOUS!

@miss_amazing06- Lady GaGa put on a showww let me tell yuu!!! Ra ra ra ah ah..want ur bad romance!! Sick ass concert!!

@W1123581321H- Lady Gaga concert was amazing just as i expected.

@SweetMage666- The Lady GaGa concert . Was. The. Most. AMAZING . Concert ever !!!! Hands down . There are no words to describe how breath taking it was.

@AmithaxD- Go lady gaga!!!!! best concert eva!!!!

@Kimpossi72- went to the Lady Gaga Concert, and it was frickin awsome!!! XD!!

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