Five Bands/Arists Your Mom Really Doesn't Want You Listening To

Mother's Day -- the day we set aside of reflect on what our mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, and other types of mothers have done for us over the years -- is on its way. They were there when we first smoked marijuana (though they weren't aware what we were up to) and they were there when we stumbled in the house after drinking a fifth of the cheapest vodka money could buy. They've stood by us with love and kindness at our best and our worst (more often the latter).

So when you were a kid and your mom busted your chops over the music you listened to, remember that she just cared. So when your mother asks you what kind of music you listen to, you'd better lie if you buy albums with that little white parental-advisory label posted in the corner of the album. Honestly, your mom doesn't want to know what you listen to. She doesn't need to know a lot of things about how you spend your day, but she especially doesn't need to know about the filth you fill your ears with. But what if you're not sure what's acceptable and what isn't? Allow us to help with this list of five artists your mom definitely doesn't want you listening to.