Sound Off

Musicals by the Most Prominent Bands Are All the Rage

In between stops on a seemingly never ending tour, Bono and The Edge of U2 have been composing the music and lyrics for the Broadway show "Spiderman." The idea to get involved in a musical also struck a chord with Green Day. They're currently prepping for their show American Idiot, in which Billie Joe Armstrong will be performing for eight shows between September 28 and October 3.

Who knows where these musicians are finding the time to even do this. Do they ever rest? Obviously not; Bono is invincible, duh. Or at least he thinks he is.

Since early 2009, rumors have been floating around about Spiderman, which is being directed by Julie Taymor, the mastermind behind the film Across the Universe. The play has suffered a loss of cast members, including Evan Rachel Wood, as well as financial troubles. But Spidey's back on the map now is expected to be previewed in November.

As for American Idiot, which has been running since April, the show won two 2010 Tony Awards and has been well-received thus far. Green Day played a great rendition of "21 Guns" with the cast of the musical at this year's Grammy Awards.

I never imagined that Green Day would be a good fit for musical theater, but they've proved me wrong. Meanwhile, I thought Bono would be busy helping Africa, but I guess that's not cool enough for him anymore.