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Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi: "The Tensions [Between Us] Have Mainly Been About Business"

When Black Sabbath broke onto the music scene in 1969, no one was playing music with such heavy intent and darkness. Prior to figuring out their sound, the band was your average jazzy-blues-rock outfit. It was a popular musical form at the time in England, yet, there was just too much of it.

Then, guitarist Tony Iommi, in an effort to find a way to sound loud and strong to overcome any shortcomings associated with an industrial accident that cost him the tips of two fingers on his fret hand, took notice of the powerful music accompanying horror films. Once he discovered how to play "evilly notes," Black Sabbath came into its own. Along the way, the band was responsible for coining the term "heavy metal," while simultaneously defining the genre and all who came after.

But the band, despite popular success, had its share of troubles, beginning with vocalist and lyricist Ozzy Osbourne being kicked out in 1979.