2012 RPM Challenge: Who Completed an Entire Album in February?

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With the extra day provided by leap year, four of the seven Valley artists we tracked for this year's RPM Challenge were able to record an entire album from start to finish. That would be Sha-Pink, EPISODES, one Serene Dominic, and Tannix, who completed the album but, failing to mail it into RPM Challenge headquarters, is not being recognized as a finisher (more on that later).

Among the three non-finishers were Mike Skullbuster, who groused, "I couldn't get my four track going. The good news is I have a bunch of good new songs. Sorry." QUIBIQ bowed out because of remixing obligations and the concurrent recording of this year's Sha-Pink album, Thriller. The Feisty Felines' album was a non-starter after a computer crashed and the initial work was lost. Undaunted, Andrew Jemsek made a four-song solo EP during a marathon session four days after the Challenge ended and will be on hand to share the results at the RPM Listening Party this Thursday, March 8, at the Bikini Lounge, which will give all you participants a chance to reshare some cuts and give some hastily pressed CD-Rs away.