Feist and Timber Timbre, Orpheum Theatre, 4/22/12

Feist and Timber Timbre
Sunday, April 22, 2012
Orpheum Theatre

Last night's Feist show was excellent. Leslie alternated between beautiful whispers and melodic shouts. She delivered every note with a sort of gentle, delicate power. The theatre was in constant awe of her enthusiasm and her signature charming in-and-out sound. And her three backup singers, whom she treated lovingly like younger sisters, added so much vocal depth and emotion.

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The opener, on the other hand, was not for everybody.

Timber Timbre was as un-Feisty and obscure as they come. The band was experimental to say the least, but in a way that seemingly didn't click with some people. Most people in attendance weren't there for dark, sorrowful tunes like "Demon Host." Those who were seated around me looked captivated yet bored or confused, their faces painted with looks of "What's going on?" followed by looks of "Is this going to get any better?" Timber Timbre's music would have been more suitable to listen to while doing homework than to watch to get pumped up for Feist. Although I must admit, it's always cool when a band loops the violin track.

Conversely, Feist took off with a bang. Feist fans excitedly rushed to the front of the theatre when Leslie invited people in the balcony to fill in the gaps in the first few rows. Leslie rocked out on her guitar during "A Commotion" and "How Come You Never Go There." Everyone was just as receptive to her new material on Metals as they were to older tracks, which helped Feist and the crowd play off each other, reverberating good vibes throughout the evening.

Leslie loved to talk with the crowd and asked them about Arizona, Coachella, and being land locked. She remarked about not feeling limited by time as she did during her set at Coachella, and the crowd loved her for playing on and on. She incited playful sing-alongs on multiple occasions.

Despite the set being long and fantastic, there was still one disappointment. The audience left without hearing "1234," but otherwise the show was magical. Many times a band's first night on tour is the best night, and last night's show proved to be one of those special instances.

Critic's notebook:

Last night: Feist and Timber Timbre at the Orpheum Theatre.

Personal bias: I had never heard of Timber Timbre till a few weeks before the show, but I've liked Feist for a few years now.

The crowd: Let's just say that people scowled at me for not being dressed like tUnE-yArDs.

Overheard: "How much do you feel it?" - Leslie Feist; "All of it!" - the crowd

Set list:
The Undiscovered First
A Commotion
How Come You Never Go There
The Circle Married the Line
So Sorry
My Moon My Man
I Feel It All
Bittersweet Melodies
The Bad In Each Other
Comfort Me
Caught a Long Wind
Pine Moon
Get It Wrong, Get It Right
Cicadas and Gulls
Sea Lion
Let It Die


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