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Club Candids: Hollywood Saturdays at EPIQ Nightclub in Scottsdale

The weekend drinking and dancing action at EPIQ Nightclub in Scottsdale gets so fierce that it appears as though people are climbing the walls while frenetically partying their brains out.

Okay, that ain't literally the case, mind you, but damned if don't look that way, thanks to all the smoke and mirrors inside the Saddlebag Trail nightspot, as well as its small size, tiered VIP areas, and the gigantic mass of clubbers that typically occupy the place during its popular Hollywood Saturdays weekly.

The Club Candids crew rolled into EPIQ this past Saturday night to get another glimpse of the madness of the club scene firsthand. Much like our previous visit in October, the place lives up to its moniker insofar as it contains an epic amount of bodies, booze, and beats.

Scottsdale selector Benjamin Cutswell provides the latter during Hollywood Saturdays, spinning up heavy-duty remixes of the EDM, electro, and club banger variety all evening long.

He kept asses moving throughout the place, whether it was the throngs amassed in ascending rows on either side of EPIQ, all the folks in the middle (a.k.a. the dance floor), or the go-go girls dressed in sexy jockey wear, owing to the club's quasi-equestrian bent.

Maybe it was all the luxe libations being sampled, but folks were also in the mood for funny antics on Saturday, which resulted in some memorable photos when we rolled through with cameras in hand.

Witness the packed scene at EPIQ for yourself via this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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