Diddy's "Hello Good Morning" Makes Your Boyfriend Feel Like a Groupie

Even though Sean "Diddy" Combs is much better at producing train wreck television (Making the Band) then he is at rapping, for some reason, his horribly monotonous track "Hello Good Morning," by Diddy-Dirty Money, is still getting radio play, and it's not even a song that is lady-friendly in the slight.

First off, Rick Ross describes the woman he slept with the previous night: "pretty face, thin waist with the sick weave." Surprise, surprise: he didn't bed her because of her intellect or ambition--she was skinny and had pretty hair.

We then hear complaining that "broads won't give him his props," then Diddy comes in all Enrique Iglesias-style and tries to swoop in on a girl who has a boyfriend. "Got your boyfriend feeling like a groupie," he croons. This is such a disturbing message, that there is no need to be respectful of people with partners--just flirt your arse off, and make the other person watch.


Then, Nicki Minaj, like always, starts to rap, representing for ladies everywhere with a cringe-worthy verse that barely makes sense--something about killing a queen and having billion dollar credit. Instead of building other ladies up with her music, Nicki's M.O. tends to be getting on top by any means possible, whether that means using violence or simply bragging about how great she is. It's a shame that one of the most successful female rappers out there now is so cutthroat competitive.

Now that Diddy-Dirty Money has had success with a superficial track about money, sex and cheating, here's hoping the group will release a deeper song about something more meaningful. Unfortunately, hope can only go so far.

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