McDowell Mountain Music Festival

Day Three of McDowell Mountain Music Festival Delivers in Every Way

At the end of day one of McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2015, I questioned the promoters' abilities to pull off a third-straight spectacular festival in the heart of downtown Phoenix. By the end of day two, I realized that they just might know what they are doing, and at the end of day three, I praised them for their brilliance.

Day one was too down-tempo for my taste, and day two was totally eclectic. But day three was like taking the mainstage right off of "The Farm" at Bonnaroo and inserting it into Margaret T. Hance Park.

The Black Bottom Lighters and Spafford opened the main stage at noon and 12:45 p.m., respectively. After two days straight days of festing, in a month in Phoenix that already included a ton of festing, I was late getting through the gates, but at 2:20, I was right on time to catch the end of The Revivalists on the main stage before Sister Lip hit the local stage.