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Take Cover: Boys & Frogs Cover The Smiths

Within seconds of watching this video, it's obvious that Boys and Frogs is not performing "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out." Instead, they play a fuzzy version of Kanye West's "All Of The Lights," which transitions into The Smiths classic.

"I'm a fan of Kanye and The Smiths. I guess it's not something that you realize until you start learning a song, and I'd never tried to play either one. It was really weird that it sounded like the other one, so we thought we'd just put it together and maybe try to be blasphemous a little bit to both parties. I imagine maybe Kanye fans that would hate it and Smiths fans that would hate it and some small percentage in between that really thinks it's a good idea. It's for them, I suppose," says vocalist Michael Alexander.

You can read more about Boys & Frogs in this week's music feature, and can check out their Smiths set tonight at Crescent Ballroom .

After seeing the bands' other music videos, I had some pretty big shoes to fill. Check out my attempt at a Boys & Frogs video after the jump.

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