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Flier of the Week: Strange Young Things

Strange Young Things

Don't miss out on one of

Strange Young Things' biggest shows of the year. It's Glodie's birthday bash!

  Rook, Flamingo and AT7 will all be spreading the birthday love as well.

"We're currently recording an album that we'll be releasing in early/mid summer, with the hope of also releasing an EP late in the year," said Adam Gross of Strange Young Things. "We'll also be doing a lot more regional touring. Good clean fun for the whole family."

Adam really means business in terms of his band going hard for Glodie's big day. "It's the year of the dragon. We're going to go ride ponies with foil helmets on declaring a mission to slay that fucker...when we learn how to ride a pony. So come out and celebrate Glodie's Birthday with us Saturday night!"

It's a free show, which means you'll have more cash with which to buy Glodie a beer or shower him with birthday gifts. Those who are 21 and older should show up at Long Wong's by 9 p.m. so you can help get the party started!

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