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Los Dias de la Crescent Brings 24 of Your Favorite Local Bands Downtown

Crescent Ballroom knows the value of big local shows. Remember the line around the block for the Mergence, Black Carl, What Laura Says, Future Loves Past Show? How about when Ladylike nearly sold the joint out?

What Laura Says has an ongoing Sunday residency, and the venue hosts nifty things like Cover the Crescent and frequent free shows in the lounge.

Well, the venue is looking to step things up a bit, bringing in a whole slew of the Valley's biggest indie bands for Los Dias de La Crescent, a late summer festival that is sure to draw in the locals who stick around Phoenix during the summer.

Aside from the bad-ass cowboy and exhaustive list of bands, what stands out the most from this flier?

My eyes were drawn to the "CBVB" at the bottom. Crescent Ballroom is approaching its first birthday, and so far, things are going swimmingly. If the venue keeps going at its current rate, it could very well end up becoming the CBGB's of Phoenix -- presumably without closing and being turned into a men's clothing store.

The music and food festival looks sprawling: Day one boasts Black Carl, Mergence, Ladylike, Source Victoria, and many more, while day two features Segrio Mendoza y la Orkesta, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, and the Minibosses. This show also marks the return of The Whisperlights, who haven't performed in nearly about a year, as singer/guitarist Illya Riske has been working in Bangladesh.

If you're a little burnt out on Cocina 10's burritos and nachos (let's be honest though, how could you be?), there will be food trucks to offer some other options. Beer will be provided by Four Peaks.

Tickets are $8 per day if purchased before July 16th, so get on it. Music starts at 7 p.m. each day. Sorry kiddos, it's 21+.

Readers -- what act are you most excited to see perform at Los Dias de la Crescent?

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