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Absent: The Film Featuring James Hetfield of Metallica Available to Order Tomorrow

Do you remember a couple months back, when I wrote about the Central Christian Church screening of Absent, the documentary by Justin Hunt about absent fathers featuring James Hetfield of Metallica?

Yeah, me too. This year has flown by. I feel like I wrote that yesterday, but that was freaking April. Maybe you missed the screening, but if you did and really want to see the movie, you are in luck. Absent is available for pre-order starting tomorrow, August 5. But unlike that screening at Central Christian, Mr. Hetfield will not personally attend private screenings at your place.

From the official site:

This coming Friday, August 5th, at 12:01 am (pst), pre-ordering will be available for the DVD, which will also include numerous bonus features, including two Q&A sessions with Justin and Metallica front man James Hetfield, as well as the trailer for Justin's third film, 'The Speed of Orange'. The official release date for the DVD is September 5th. As a 'Thank You' to everyone for their patience, Justin has agreed to sign the first 2,500 copies ordered. The Absent DVD is available exclusively here on the web site. Click on the 'Store' page to order yours starting this Friday!

In unrelated news, yesterday was James Hetfield's 48th birthday. I know it's customary for the birthday boy to get a wish on his b-day, but I've actually got one pertaining to Hetfield: I'm hoping, praying, and wishing that the forthcoming Lou Reed/Metallica album is so weird it rules.