Visual Arts

Arty Girl: First Friday Roundup

Alright folks, allow me to take you on a visual journey (actually, it's just a crap-ton of jpegs) to illustrate what's happening with the visual arts at First Friday Artwalk tonight.

"Natural Origins" by Lara Kupcikevicius and Christina Ramirez @ MonOrchid

Both artists chose patterns and visual themes from nature as their muse. The exhibition features encaustic works, painting installations, woodcuts and collage. You can also see a sneak preview of artworks by Brian Boner and Lee Hazel, who will be showing in March. MonOrchid, 214 East Roosevelt Street,

"John Wagner: The Light Poetics" @ Bokeh Gallery
If you missed the grand opening of this new (and super gorgeous) photography-only gallery, be sure to hit it tonight. John Wagner works with old-school photographic film and his stunning photographs are hand-printed, hand-toned prints. The space is located inside the MonOrchid building, 214 East Roosevelt Street,

Lalo Cota and Brooke Grucella @ Pravus Gallery
Grucella finds inspiration from her urban Southern California upbringing and incorporates words with imagery. Cota's color palette is filled with screaming colors and his subject matter mixes cultural themes with religious iconography. Both artists are showing off recent work. Pravus Gallery, 501 East Roosevelt Street,

"The Dream and the Time: Journeys of Cuban Artists" @ Paulina Miller Gallery
More than ten Cuban artists contribute their latest works in this group show. Expect to see both abstract and figurative works from this unique cultural perspective.
Paulina Miller Gallery, 817 North First Street,

"City Scapes" by Peter Liepke @ Tilt Gallery
The black and white photographer, based in upstate New York, will be in the gallery tonight for his opening reception. The exhibition features ethereal black and white gum bichromate and platinum palladium prints.
Tilt Gallery, 919 West Fillmore Street,

"Paintings & Sculpture by Luis Gutierrez" @ Bragg's Pie Factory
This massive exhibition boasts a tremendous collection of Guitierrez's figurative works. The artists works with simplistic forms and bright colors, drawing from his Chicano heritage. Read more about him here.
Bragg's Pie Factory, 1301 West Grand Avenue,

"Inside the Painting Place" by Christina Mesiti @ Artlink Heritage Square Gallery
Mesiti works to redefine lanscape painting with an intricate collage technique. She aims to express the unique power of place from the dweller's perspective, rather than depicting an impersonal landscape.
Artlink Heritage Square Gallery, 115 North Sixth Street,