Sareena Dominguez Gets Her Groove on With Moonbeams

In this week's issue of Phoenix New Times, we profiled ten new(ish) bands we expect to dominate Phoenix iPods and boomboxes this long, hot summer. We'll be focusing more deeply on those artists over the next couple days here on Up on the Sun.

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As she wraps up the final touches on her debut album, Moonbeams, Sareena Dominguez has been doing a fair amount of reflection, examining the demos and rough drafts of songs that speckle YouTube and her Bandcamp profile with a critical eye.

"A lot of people are going to be able to listen to [the new album] in a different mindset," Dominguez says. "As opposed to listening to my demos and hearing them and going 'Oh, this is good, this is soft, this is pretty, this is cute.'"

Moonbeams is something else from Dominguez, a bold, confident statement. "When they hear the official album version they're going to be able to listen to it differently," she says. "They're going to think 'this is serious; this is really good.'"