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Fuck Buttons to Play Phoenix This November

Fuck Buttons, the much-lauded two piece experimental electronic duo from England, are crossing the pond this Fall to display their gut-pounding, mind-fucking and life-affirming music to us Americans. Being the proper blokes that they are, they scheduled a date in The Valley for November, a decent decision on their behalf. The duo has heavy praise from outlets such as Pitchfork, Time Out Magazine and British newspaper The Observer, thus proving that they are, in fact, hot shit right now and that you should pony up to see these guys live.

The duo will play The Rhythm Room on Wednesday, November 11. Brooklyn electronic trio Growing will be in support. The night will prove to be a couple hours of music with not one single lyric, so be prepared for such. That really doesn't matter, however, since Fuck Buttons can tell a tale through their lush, cascading instrumentals which some have described as an "adrenaline pumping, ear purging slab of towering, pristine noise" and even "something like the sun rising over the ocean... then going supernova." All hyperbole aside, Fuck Buttons' music is just plain smart, well orchestrated electronic music. The duo are producing some of their best music right now, as evidenced by their latest single "Surf Solar" which is from their next album, Tarot Sport, due out October 12 (in the U.K.)

If these tracks from Tarot Sport that I am currently listening to are any indication ("Lisbon Maru" followed by "Olympians,) then that unassuming Wednesday night in November is sure to be absolutely epic.

Check out Fuck Buttons' myspace at Their proper website is at WWW.FUCKBUTTONS.CO.UK/. Yes, capitalization was necessary.