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Weird is the New Cool to Play Two Shows in July

 We told you about Weird is the New Cool back in April and now the guys have a couple shows booked for July. WINC are scheduled to perform Saturday, April 18 at Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Saturday, July 25 at Chyro Arts, according to the group's MySpace page. The local band can be compared to a Gym Class Heroes/Sublime hyrid and are reminiscent of local bands like Fred Green, Cousins of the Wize, Drunken Immortals, etc.

The guys mention on their MySpace that they're working on their debut disc Girls. Love. Fun. Music. We recommend checking out high-energy tracks such as "Beer Pong," "Just Wanna Be Heard" and "Freak or an Outcast" on the group's page to get a flavor for the band before their album drops. Or better yet catch them live next month.