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Phoenix Concert Calendar: All The Music in the Valley in One Place

If you're having trouble finding something to do tonight, or a week from tonight, or three months from now, it is literally our job to help you solve that problem. Here's one way we do it: Our regularly updated Phoenix concert calendar.

Once you've got the day's festivities at a glance, you can sort by artist, venue, or price, page through the next several weeks, and/or buy tickets from within the calendar. You can also use the drop-down menus on the right to get a list of shows for any artist or venue (i.e., all the upcoming shows at Crescent Ballroom or US Airways Center or anywhere else there's music.)

We're not just the attached blog, we're also a client--it's what we use to help plan our show coverage. Anyway: Next time you're stumped, pay it a visit. It's our pleasure (and obligation) to assist you.

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