Weekend Rewind: Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, Hollywood Undead, Band of Skulls, and More

Is seeing a show worth going starving for? That's the question that was foremost in our minds this past week as we plunked down around $100 for a couple "can't miss" concerts and essentially wiping out our food budget for the next couple weeks in the process ($60 for The Pogues? WTF?)

If the answer is "yes," you're likely a carpe diem-espousing free spirit who we'll be hanging out with in the ramen aisle at Safeway sometime in the near future. For those of you that are a bit more budget conscious, you can still experience some of the big shows that you're forgoing in favor of having more than a few pennies to rub together: Bootleg YouTube footage of said shows.

We've featured such surreptitiously-obtained video before (read: It Came From YouTube) and figured it was time to do so again. Each week we'll present a roudclips from some the latest concerts that you may have missed, either by choice or by circumstance.

VNV Nation at Marquee Theatre on Thursday, July 30:
The rivetheads and goth kiddies donned their blackest clothing and came out en masse for this Euro electronica act, which got their feet stomping with wave after wave of glitchy, bass-pounding dance tracks.

Hollywood Undead at the Marquee Theatre on Friday, July 31:
Speaking of the Marquee Theatre, the Mill Avenue concert hall was also where the SoCal rap-rockers of Hollywood Undead live and in person made an appearance. Since the genre is something of a dying thing (and given the $25 ticket price), its understandable if you stayed away. Regardless, here's a glimpse at Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog and the rest in full effect.

Red Jumpsuit Aparatus at the Marquee Theatre on Friday, July 31:
The post-hardcore punks of RJA shared the bill with Hollywood Undead are arguably a much bigger (and more talented) act. At any rate, the Florida fivesome definitely got all the kids in attendance to sing along with all their big hits, including "Face Down," which you can witness below. (Note: You may wanna pop a Dramamine before clicking the vid, as whoever was wielding the camera has something of a shaky hand).

Band of Skulls at Modified Arts on Sunday, August 2:
Elsewhere during the weekend, the British alt-rockers of Band of Skulls packed the house at the downtown Phoenix arts/music mainstay and treated attendees to an evening of grimy guitar licks. Whoever shot this video must not have had much memory left on their iPhone, since the clip is just under a minute. Its quite a shame, as the band sounded quite gnarly.