Bane's Aaron Bedard: "We're Probably Past the Expiration Date of Hardcore Bands . . . We Still Just Love It So Much"

Bane hasn't issued a full-length album since 2005, but that doesn't keep the band from hitting the road. The latter comes natural, but regarding the former? "We have to be under insane pressure to get a song done, and if we're under that pressure, we get it done," says frontman Aaron Bedard. This seminal Massachusetts hardcore group hasn't noticed too many changes during its 16-year career -- even the fans roughly stay the same age.

"As they get deeper and deeper in their 20s, this life and this music and spending time at shows with a bunch of kids becomes less urgent," says Bedard, "We completely understand that kids grow up and move on. Once you get into your 30s, it gets a little harder to take a Wednesday night to go see a hardcore band."

Bane returns to The Underground on Sunday, October 30 with Defeater, Miles Away, and Dead End Path. We spoke to Bedard while he was loading gear for the band's first American tour in about a year. He discussed the band's longevity, what attracts youth to hardcore culture, and the possibility of recording new Bane songs.