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Nothing Not New: Podcast #4

But you're not listening to this stuff to hear music editor Martin Cizmar (he even says the "f" word on this show. Don't ever mention Beastie Boys; he can't abide those guys) and I yammer. You're listening for the music, right? Check out this week's playlist after the jump.

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1. "Nothing Like You" -- Frightened Rabbit
2. "Unstoppable" -- Foxy Shazam
3. "Wheels" -- Black Francis
4. "You Must Be Out of Your Mind" -- Magnetic Fields
5. "Microphone Killa" -- Freeway
6. "King of the Gutters, Prince of the Dogs" -- Murder by Death
7. "Better Times" -- Beach House
8. "Flash Delirium" -- MGMT
9. "Torture Me" -- Harlem
10. "Fight for Your Right to Party" -- The Hot Rats