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Sonny and the Sunsets: Tomorrow Is Alright

Artist: Sonny and the Sunsets

Title: Tomorrow Is Alright
Release date: August 31
Label: Fat Possum

From the Best Coast school of stoner pop comes Sonny and the Sunsets, a California band with a pop sound so casual that it feels almost tossed off. The beauty in Sonny and the Sunsets' music is its effortlessness. You can picture someone in the band calling his mates and saying, "Hey, do you guys wanna make a record today?"

If the Modern Lovers were from California, they might have sounded a little like Sonny and the Sunsets. The band's pop sensibilities and the singer's droll delivery (think: a stoned, Gen Y version of Jonathan Richman) belie the darkly humorous lyrical content. 

The 10 songs on Tomorrow Is Alright are alternately stellar and somewhat necessarily. In other words, there's a great EP in here somewhere. But you get the feeling they don't care if you don't like half the songs. 

Sonny and the gang save the best for last with a chugging nod to the Velvet Underground called "Lovin' on an Older Gal." See, these guys can't even be bothered to hang a "g" on their gerunds.

Sonny And The Sunsets - Too young to burn

Best song: "Lovin' on an Older Gal"
Rotation: Medium-high
Deja vu: A sleepier Wavves.
I'd rather listen to: The Modern Lovers' debut record, of course
Grade: B

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