The Zoo Wants to Set a Standard for AZ Reggae

The Zoo aims to put reggae music on top, plain and simple. The musical drive is clear for the four members of the latest band to spring to life in the Phoenix desert. The four men come from different walks of life, and different regions of the world, bringing with them a diverse musical culture.

Like the members themselves, the band is still young, and the early process of building the reggae empire that they crave is the hardest, and most tedious. But their collective amiable nature and devotion to their music may be the recipe to success for guitarist/vocalist Liam (Lamb) Levinson, vocalist Ben (TaSa) Tasa-Bennett, bassist Julian (Juju Stone) Weinstein, and drummer Austin (Meto) Moore. They know what they want, and believe in working hard to get it. They've already deemed their movement the Zoo Nation.

On Friday, The Zoo will take the stage with several other local acts from around the Valley at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. Recently, the band was featured as a top three finalist in The Proof is in the Pudding contest, which gives young local bands an opportunity to play alongside the musical icons featured in Alice Cooper's annual Christmas Pudding event.