Against Me!, Unity Music Festival, Bike Polo, and The Fixx Over the Weekend

Against Me! at Nile Theater It was, I imagine, with a touch of irony that Against Me! opened their show at the all-ages and bone-dry Nile Theater with "Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong." "And just like James, I'll be drinking Irish tonight," sang Tom Gabel which, of course is funny when the sign at the back of the carpeted venue says "SNACKS."...full story

See: Against Me! in photos.

AZ Bike Polo Presents Desert Polo Invite III Two words: bike polo. Who needs horses? Local bike polo group, AZ Bike Polo, invited teams to compete in two days of madness at the Grace Community Church parking lot in Tempe. See the grit and gears for yourself...see photos

Unity Music Festival at Stratus Although a prankster pulling the fire alarm brought an early end to the Unity Music Festival at Stratus, the dance party was still tons of fun for the hundreds of ravers in attendance. Outrageous and outlandish outfits mixed with outstanding EDM from an array of DJs, who worked the mixers until the event was shut down...see photos

Grand Opening of The Fixx Coffee Bar on 7th The Fixx Coffee Bar on 7th had its grand opening on Saturday night featuring live art and performances by Lawnchair, Stellacutta, The Muddy Moneys and Kid Sampson. The Fixx will be the home for Tempe Starving Artist events, including free concerts every Saturday night and open mic nights on Fridays...see photos