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Looking Inside some of Phoenix's most Creative Minds

I recently stumbled upon "Inside Creative Minds" a great local TV show. The show is an interview show where host Tray Goodman interviews creative people in Phoenix, rather like a local version of The Charlie Rose Show.

Watching most of the 18 episodes in the last week I am struck by how many talented people in the Valley are doing some interesting things that I had no idea about. A few of the people I know well, but the vast majority I had never heard of. I think if you watch a few you will be impressed.

Episode 19 was just filmed and features interviews with Dale Ingram (local Web Comic & Musician) and Doug Vale (local Multi-Media Artists). You should be able to find more information at   

Find Links to all 18 shows after the break.

#18 Professors of English Don and Alleen Nilsen discuss Humor & Linguistics
#17 Southwest Shakespeare Company
#16 Sam Filicetti and Charles Sanderson discuss art and chocolate
#15 Artist Effie Bouras and news producer Melanie Alvarez
#14 Painter Kyle Jordre and designers, Brad Jannenga and Stacy Robyn
#13 Eric Cox [multimedia artist] & Jess Hawk Oakenstar and Kate DeLaPointe [musicians] of Wayward Maggie
#12 Matt Lehrman [director of] and Wayne Michael Reich [photographer]
#11 Andrew Long [news artist] and Paula Moore [dancer]
#10 Gene Faith [musician]
#9 Dustinn Craig [filmmaker] and Hector Ruiz [painter/sculptor]
#8 Penelope Price [filmmaker/SCC professor]
#7 Kimber Lanning [community and arts advocate]
#6 Catherine Garrigan [goldsmith] & Jester'z [improv comedy troup]
#5 Jerry Little [architect] & Angela Johnson [fashion designer]
#4 Dominic Zumpano [chef] & Erik Weir [tattoo artist]
#3 Jason Coleman [music producer] & Casey Jones [multimedia artist]
#2 Kate Herbert [author/SCC professor] & Taya Rae Hubbard [metal artist]
#1 Steve Weiss (Photographer) and Ed Dominguez (Painter)