Whitehorse, Crescent Ballroom, 11/27/12

Whitehorse @ Crescent Ballroom|11/27/12
I don't know any Whitehorse songs, but then again, I don't know any Whitehorse songs. Allow me to explain. Over the summer, my editor assigned me to cover a sludge metal band from Melbourne, Australia called Whitehorse. As the band name isn't very creative, it is shared by a folk duo in Canada (the focus of this review) as well as White Horse, a hip hop remix team and the White Horse Gospel Band from Wichita Falls, Texas. There are plenty more musical attributions to the word "Whitehorse," but those are the main ones.

I don't really listen to metal, but I had a great time at my first Whitehorse show anyway. I spoke to lead singer/growler Peter Hyde about his band name and he said the term Whitehorse "ruins Google searches," but he doesn't "give a fuck." He likes the L.A. hip hop remixers, but isn't interested in the Canadians and Taylor Swift (who wrote a song titled "White Horse") can "go fuck herself." Whitehorse has been around for eight years, Hyde added, implying they aren't going anywhere.

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