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What's Selling: Hoodlums Top 10 Selling Albums of the Week

Want to know what new release discs and platters are moving across the Valley at local record stores? We've got you covered with another installment of What's Selling.

If top selling lists and viral videos are any indicators of trend setting, don't be surprised if there's an outbreak of hip shaking around break room water coolers. The Black Keys released their highly anticipated seventh studio album, El Camino, last week and quickly claimed the top slot at Tempe's Hoodlums.

Rap royalty, The Root's own the second spot with Undun, a tragic tale of a man claimed by the streets, while Amy Winehouse's posthumous release Lioness: Hidden Treasures rounds out the top three. Follow the jump for the rest of this week's list.

1. The Black Keys - El Camino The Black Keys: Stop Stop by -gaga 2. The Roots - Undun The Roots - Tip Of The Scale by dorego 3. Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasures Amy Winehouse Our Day Will Come by christiancoy 4. Adele - Live at The Royal Albert Hall 5. Chile Thile/Edgar Meyer/Yo-Yo Ma/Stuart Duncan - The Goat Rodeo Sessions 6. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit - Here We Rest 7. Ryan Adams - Ashes & Fire 8. Sam Cooke - The Rhythm & The Blues 9. Childish Gambino - Camp 10. Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green

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