No Pants Ride, Neil Hamburger, Cardinals vs. Packers, and Cherry Lounge Over the Weekend

No Pants Ride Invades the Light Rail and Downtown Phoenix In conjunction with Improv Everywhere's No Pants Subway Ride in New York, half naked people in cities around the world enjoyed freedom from pants on public transit on Saturday, January 10, 2010. In Phoenix, Improv AZ organized two teams of pantless party-goers, both heading to Downtown Phoenix from either the West or East side of the Valley via the Light Rail. The group headed to Starbucks at the Arizona Center then headed to Dave's Electric Brewpub for an after party featuring discounted drinks for those clad in underwear and nothing else...see photos

Tailgating at the Cardinals vs. Packers Game We now know that the match between the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers ended with a score of Cardinals 51, Packers 45 but before the game, fans of both teams were plastering on war paint in hopes of victory. Check out a few shots from the parking lot as Packers grilled meats and Cardinals dawned beaks...see photos

Neil Hamburger's Advice to the Youth of Tempe in Video Neil Hamburger has been referred to as "America's Funnyman," "the world's 'worst' stand-up comedian," and as having a sense of humor "drier than the Sahara." Moments before last Saturday's show at Yucca Tap Room, Hamburger took a few moments to lure New Times into Yucca's storage room to discuss his preferred cocktails, cornbread, and advice for the youth of Tempe...see video

Club Candids at Cherry Lounge Everyone loves a birthdays party, especially when the guest of honor it is part of a kickass crew with tons of friends and fans.Thursday night's Bombshelter DJ birthday bash (for DJ Emile) blew up Tempe's Cherry Lounge & Pit, a venue that has recently gained some street cred thanks to its UK Thursdays...see photos