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Get a Piece of Inner Peace with Good Amount's True Self

Have you opened your chakras and found your power animals yet? Well, you should. Maybe then we wouldn't have to write about all of these assholes that ruin our music-going experiences.

If you're having a hard time quieting your mind long enough to find that inner peace, you can always just plug in to Good Amount's new record, True Self to hear what Christian Filardo's sounds like.

The experimental noise-maker released the 10-track album yesterday and is currently streaming the record in its entirety at Holy Page Records, the label he founded and runs.

"True Self is an attempt to find a deeper inner peace in a post-enlightenment life," Filardo says on his label's Bandcamp site. "I set out to make a record with no obvious singles. To get the full effect of this record one must complete it from start to finish."

Full of ghastly wails and dark ominous tones, the album plays more like Trent Reznor than it does Hans Zimmer. Through thoughtful synth strokes and brooding melodies, it rings like a 42-minute ambient hymn.

Light a candle and check it out.

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