One Direction, Comerica Theatre, 6/10/12 (VIDEO)

One Direction Comerica Theatre Sunday, June 10, 2012

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Having a crush as a tween girl is sort of like being addicted to drugs: only the object of your affection will satiate you and being around it can induce exhilaration and hysteria. The young ladies who filled up a sold-out Comerica Theatre for One Direction last night were a crazed group, looking to get their fix of five guys who've inspired obsession and longing for about a year now in the States.

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It didn't take much for One Direction to please the crowd enough to throw underwear on stage. They didn't have to dance, they didn't have to play instruments, and they could even tell the fans they were sweaty and smelled bad (blame the throngs for standing in the heat all day before the show) -- the shrieking audience continued to scream with delight every time a member merely did as much as move.

Their performance was reminiscent of the days of Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, only this time, instead of packing an arena and performing choreography and aerial stunts, the guys in 1D merely needed to change outfits, walk around, and make dumb jokes with those charming accents. The concert was surprisingly bare bones for a group that's sold 700,000 albums in the United States. The band featured only a drummer, a keyboardist, and two guitarists, and three video screens showed off simple backgrounds as the guys sang -- this show was clearly about One Direction's voices, with some silly comments thrown in, as well.

The group performed most of its songs from its debut album, Up All Night, but with only an album's worth of songs, you're going to get filler. That's where covers came in, as well as a segment where the band read audience Tweets, which prompted them to show off their American accents, talk about pranks they've pulled on each other and play a game of leap frog on-stage (see video). The Twitter part not only ensured more followers on the social network, it also served to show the 1D guys are oh-so-funny and even more irresistible.