DFactor Covers Modern English Tune "I Melt With You" for Jackalope Ranch

Last week Up on the Sun put out a last-minute request over Twitter for a local band to submit a  cover of Modern English's "I Melt With You." Well, we kind of biffed it and asked for a cover of The Cure's "I Melt With You," which our astute readers quickly pointed doesn't exist via their Tweets.

We corrected ourselves, though, and lucky for us and our sister blog, Jackalope Ranch, we received a pretty great cover submission from DFactor. 

DFactor, who also appeared on the New Times anti-SB1070 comp, A Line in the Sand, turned in a bare-bones version of the song, which strips away the beloved synths of the original and replaces them with one frantically strummed electric guitar.

Check out Jackalope's original post, which finds the crew over there melting popsicles, and remember that this is just part one -- we don't want to give anything away, but more objects are set for melty destruction. Stay tuned over at The Ranch for more video as the summer months drag on.

DFactor DIY - I Melt With You by