Weird Is the New Cool Explains "Skateboarder" (VIDEO)

Weird Is the New Cool, profiled in this week's issue of Phoenix New Times, has always been known for its fun and upbeat songs, with song titles such as "Beer Pong" and not one, but two, band mascots that appear on stage with the guys at their shows.

But for their recent single, the guys decided to show off their more serious side, with a track called "Skateboarder" that singer Kyle Collins describes as an anthem for creative types on a journey.

"'Skateboarder' is a metaphor for the life of any starving artist, the struggle you have to go through and the sacrifices you have to make," Collins says.

See the band perform live this Friday, March 30 at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, and check out lyrics and the video after the jump.


It's time to take order
This is the story of a young skateboarder
The game of life gets too hard to play, so I
Hop on my board and pop shove it away
Never say too much, that's what they tellin' me
I'm droppin' into a ramp that leads to felonies, but
I'm in tunnel vision
And this world is a skatepark with a bunch of amateurs that never listen
And I ain't bitchin', I'm itchin' for a change
Before I conform and resort to evil ways
But the days don't stop comin'
It's like the cop tryna get you caught, you just can't stop runnin'
It's kinda funny but it's gettin' old
And I was told that the worlds like the winter cuz it's getting cold
So I push one time and glide
Until the day I kickflip into the sky, cuz it's

My life as a young skateboarder
It's time to take order, this is the story of a young skateboarder

Off to a new city, new trouble to start
Cuz the one I'm in seems to be comin' apart, damn
I got fantasies of topping the charts, so I
Superman into this world of art
Wishing I could restart my whole life in one sequence
I would have done a bunch of shit the same
Same friends, same enemies, same dumb decisions
Cuz I'm the only one that I can blame
I stay grindin' on a 9 to 5 basis
Praying to God that this shit might work
Then I 360 flip into my pages
And come out wearin' a spitfire shirt
And it's all worth it
Like the very first aerial you ever landed it's all perfect
So I push two times and glide
Until the day I kickflip into the sky, cuz it's

I don't know why, I chose this life
I don't know why, I chose this life

Cuz its My Life, My life, my life, my life, my life, my life,

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