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KONGOS Explains "I'm Only Joking"

Later this month local rock quartet, Kongos will be performing at KWSS FM's benefit concert in hopes of salvaging the floundering independent radio station. The station has been instrumental in helping the band gain notoriety on the home front, and the band of brothers is eager to do their part to help get them back on the air.

One of the songs that's gotten a lot of play time is the infectious drum-driven track, "I'm Only Joking." Aside from the support from KWSS, the song has also been picked up by South African radio, where the brothers used to live.

We caught up with Johnny Kongos to talk about the making of the track. Check out the song and what he had to say after the jump.

Johnny Kongos: Jesse wrote it. He's the drummer and sings on the track. He started it as an instrumental track quite a while ago. We would hear him working on it incessantly in the studio and watched it morph into what it is today. [The song] does a good job of capturing the sound that we try to get across live. We tend to all write separately, and then everyone puts in their input. We're a democracy of four and in the production process everyone gets involved. But the writer always gets veto power.

As with all their music, the song is available for free on the band's website.

"We like just giving the music away because then people come out to the shows," Johnny says. I'm Only Joking by KONGOS