Visual Arts

Arty Girl: Jason Hill's "Icons of Phoenix" Prints

Okay, I know Phoenix is in its how-did-anyone-think-to-settle-in-this-Hell-zone time of year right now but hear me out. Er, actually, hear artist, Jason Hill, out. This guy is our number one promoter of all things that are good in Phoenix.

Namely, our architecture. Some may be surprised to know that we do, indeed, have a fair amount of great looking buildings...we just need someone to point them out.

Local artist, Jason Hill is our man. He has an uncanny knack for visually defining our city. Hill makes gorgeous prints of Phoenix architecture like the Luhrs Tower, the Westward Ho and our beloved Bikini Lounge. He amplifies their design with electric colors and clean lines. These are places the rest of us drive by, ignorant of their potential until Hill enlightens us. He's gained a well-deserved local following for his fine art prints and, right now, you have the chance to get your paws on some.

Check out his Etsy site to grab up his limited edition prints from his "Icons of Phoenix" series that received critical acclaim during its March 2009 showing at Art Detour.

And, just so you know, that Westward Ho print is the last of its kind...better hurry.