We "Drinkify" the Phoenix Bands Featured in Nylon Magazine

It's always awesome when our fair burg gets some national attention, and this month, Nylon Magazine profiled Phoenix's music scene in its "America Issue."

Writer Madeline Giles centered the spot light on a couple of deserving Phoenix musical acts, and righteously described the scene's sounds as defining "the post-millennial purr of this Wild West metropolis." Of course, it's easy to point out all the bands she missed. Where's the hip-hop, art rock, garage punk, or metal you're likely to hear any night out on the town? But it's not Nylon's job cover the scene (it's ours), so we're not going to be picky and bitch about it.

We've spilled plenty of ink about the acts Giles did mention (some this week, even), so rather than simply list them, we thought we'd try something goofier. We'll Drinkify them!

Created in "twenty-four boozy hours by @leyink, @han, and @flaneur at Music Hack Day Boston 2011," the site instantly pairs a musical act with a specialty beverage. The results aren't all that accurate, but plugging in band after band and gazing at the creative drink choices is a really, really good way to kill an hour. So here we go -- let's Drinkify the Phoenix bands Nylon Magazine included in its "Bands Across America" feature.

Okay, so first and foremost, that isn't a picture of Gospel Claws, dammit. And secondly, vodka, lime juice, and wheatgrass sounds terrible.

Moonshine and coffee? I guess that sort of fits The Whisperlights: uppers and downers in the same glass.

Jim Adkins listed his favorite bands for Nylon, so we'll include his band, which is best paired with "The Jimmy Eat World:" a cold can of PBR. Can we start calling it that around town? I bet the folks tending bar will love it.

Another bummer: Sam Means, formerly of The Format, doesn't get a funky drink recipe. His music is best listened to while downing Red Stripe. Hooray, beer.

Gin and Scotch sounds like an iffy combo, but that shrimp garnish really seals the deal.

What's with the wheatgrass? Also, weed? I don't think of pot when I think of Kinch. Maybe this was supposed to be the "The Noodles, appearing Sunday Nights at the Sail Inn" beverage.

CMA (that's what we call her around the office) is paired with a fairly nondescript drink: 8 ounces of home brewed beer. Stirred quickly, of course (that's what you do with home brew), and garnished with a "cocktail monkey."

Alright, everyone -- plug your favorite local band into Drinkify and post in the comments. And more importantly -- bottles up.

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