Eagles Tour Looks at Band's History -- When Convenient

Old white people like the Eagles. That is the biggest takeaway from Wednesday night's "History of The Eagles" stop at Gila River Arena. That, and history is very easily changed when it needs to be for the sake of some feel-good moments on tour.

They also more or less left founding member Randy Meisner and influential Eagle Don Felder out of their tale altogether. Meisner was afforded a very quick shout-out when current bass player (and influential member in his own right) Timothy B. Schmit took the stage. But Felder . . . Felder seems to have been thrown into Big Brother Don Henley's memory hole, never to be spoken of again.

Maybe they just forgot to mention him, as they also seemed to gloss over the decade called the '80s, when Henley and Glenn Frey weren't recording together -- they referred to their "40-year songwriting partnership" on several occasions.