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Dookie and the Peak of Profitable Cheap Plastic, Not Music or Culture

One of the things I like most about New Times Music Editor Martin Cizmar is disagreeing with him. We've had some fun arguments and discussions on music, culture, the role of the press and even Eazy E.

Which is why I felt compelled to write this post completely and unequivocally disagreeing with his latest column "An Ode To 1994: Green Day's Dookie and the Peak of Western Civilization."

Dookie, while a milestone, was not in any way the peak of Western Civilization. It was the peak of one specific physical product: the CD. It was the right record in the right place and right time. To understand why it was a huge success one has to look at the context. It came out as the CD format was finally becoming the universal standard music format, after slowly building for over a decade. It was not until the early 90s that this was cemented as the standard. Before that, there had been a long and confusing transition from record to cassette tape to CD.